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Disney's Cars 3 available just in time for the holidays! Accelerate your Q4 sales with Carrera First's Disney Cars 3 battery-operated slot car line designed for kids 3 and up, or their electric car line for ages 8+. It's the only one on the market. Carrera offers popular brands and licenses specifically for toy stores! 

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Shaping Creativity for Over 100 Years!

Plasticine from Kahootz is the original reusable, non-drying modeling material  for aspiring artists of all ages. Easy to work with for any creative project, Plasticine never dries out or shrinks, doesn’t stick to your hands, and always stays soft and pliable. These unique properties make Plasticine the perfect modeling material for free creative expression and for stop-motion claymation.


Lionel trains are back!

Lionel Trains - one of the true iconic brands in the toy industry - are distributing to brick and mortar speciality stores once again! Currently, they are the #1 train manufacturer in the US, and they manufacture the #1 selling train - The Polar Express. You may think of electric trains when you think of Lionel, but they have added several new ranges to their line such as the push-pull Imagineering Train sets with a full range of accessories and tracks, the battery operated Ready to Play sets, and the Lionel Chief range, which are available in both licensed or generic sets. Licenses include: Harry Potter Hogwarts Express, John Deere, a Disney Christmas Set, and The Polar Express. Get your store on track for a successful holiday season with Lionel!

Alphabet Crocodile

Alphabet Crocodile

Peter Rabbit Pull Alongs

Peter Rabbit Pull Alongs


Orange tree toys - the home of bright & stimulating toys for yound children, designed in the uk!

A family owned business established in 2000 headquartered in the UK countryside of Cotswold. Recently expanding their distribution into the United States, Toy Sellers is excited to introduce this unique, high-quality line of traditional wooden toys.