about brackitz


Brackitz is the only open-ended construction toy that lets kids build any structure they can imagine!  Made in the USA, their unique, connect-anywhere Brackitz - consisting of planks, struts, rotating pieces, and various shapes - attach at any point and any angle, enabling builders of all ages to design larger-than-life, 3D structures, flying objects, and even cars - connecting imaginations to real-life engineering and architectural skills. 

Designed to ignite creativity, Brackitz offer parents the comfort of knowing their children's playtime will not only be fun, but educational as well. With brackitz, children are introduced to a stacking toy that goes beyond layering pieces on top of one another.  It’s the ideal first construction toy to use after kids have outgrown Kindergarten blocks, and becomes more complex as they grow. 


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Featured Product - Inventor Series Set

includes 100 polycarbonate pieces. Collaborative fun for the whole family! Kids learn engineering, math, art, architecture, science. Pieces are strong and durable - build gravity-defying 3-D structures! 

Brackitz Inventor Set 100.jpg
Brackitz Inventor Set 100 pc.jpg

free shipping on orders over $150!